Facebook & Instagram Features Appeal Young Users With New Features in 2019

Due to some reason, Facebook has become more of a ‘family and friends’ platform. In the past, it was reached for all the cool stuff but now Facebook does not appeal to its users in that way.

A few reports have also stated that millions of teenagers are losing interest in Facebook and therefore switching to other social networks instead.

Facebook has done almost everything in order to appeal to its youth again like releasing snapchat clones, video chatting apps and recently a challenger for the most popular short video app TikTok was released. Introducing stories like the ones in Snapchat was a successful strategy but all the others went down the drain. Most of these features were shut down immediately after a few months of their release.

1.Facebook & Instagram knows that the youth matters

Facebook knows the youth is our future and so they cannot be neglected. It is also informed that if it wants to have its place maintained in the leading social networking world then they will have to improve their youth appeal. This is the reason why it is making a new move and this time it is focussing on providing a section within Facebook that will be dedicated to trending GIFs and memes that are shared on the platform. And to mention,Facebook was very creative when naming the section ‘LOL’. Similarly on Instagram, people keep buying 100 instagram followers every week to promote their profile among similar users.

2.All you need to know about ‘LOL

TechCrunch explained that Facebook took much time creating LOL, which is basically a section dedicated to funny or sarcastic posts like videos and GIFs. This section is further divided into categories like “For You”, “Animals”, “Fails” and “Pranks”. A lot of content is taken from the News feed from the most popular meme pages present on Facebook.

Now, LOL is in private beta with almost 100 high school students who have signed up for non-disclosure agreements through parental consent for focussing in groups and one-on-one testing with the Facebook team. LOL basically replaces the Watch tabs for the users. TechCrunch has stated that Facebook has to yet decide whether they want this feature to be only a section in the app or should they use this idea for a new app in the near future or not.


de whether they want this feature to beonly a section in the app or should they use this idea for a new app in thenear future or not.


Social media trends expert named Taylor Lorenz (Instagram) has stated that it does not make sense to him about why any teenager would log into Facebook to watch memes that are a few days old, that too on a tab like Watch that is created by adults.

He also adds that according to him people want to watch memes when they are fresh and not any time of the day. So for him, a separate app for this situation would be a disaster. He also thinks that LOL’s fate is also like some of the other features Facebook has introduced lately.

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