How to Gain Followers on Instagram (10k) in less time

Instagram has become a favorite platform for marketers. To get success, you need to gain followers on this mega-popular platform. But how to gain followers on Instagram in less time. It is really hard to get first 10k followers but luckily we have outlined some tips that will help you to get 10k followers in short duration of time.

How to gain followers on Instagram:

  • Optimize your Instagram Page
  • Find your Aesthetic
  • Use Insights
  • Join pods
  • Post Daily and Use Hashtags
  • Use Geotags and Tag Brands

Optimize your Instagram Page:

Your potential followers will see your Instagram page when they visit your profile, so it should be the best place to entice your audience. There are four main components that optimize your follower base i.e. name, profile picture (it should be high-quality photo), profile bio (describe who you are), and link of your website.

Find your Aesthetic:

Instagram is an image dedicated platform, so it is essential to share high-quality photos that match with your brand or business along with the core interests of your audience. You can add effects and use filters to make your images more appealing and creative. If you are using iPhone then edit your photos with VSCO and Film born and Affinity Photo(for high-quality images)

Join “pods”:

Pods are made of 15 accounts that support group. It is a great way to engage in your posts. The main purpose of pods is to defeat the Instagram’s algorithm by receiving instant post engagement that in results jump your post to the top of the Instagram feed of your existing followers and potential followers. Isn’t it great?

Use Insights:

Instagram let you track your follower’s engagement and impressions on your post. If you want to gain a number of followers in less than 6 months then consider switching your personal profile to a business account. That way, you can track your Instagram’ insights. With the use of the business account, you can also get the information to know the right time to post. You will get most engagement (likes and comments) that will increase your following count.

Post Daily and Use Hashtags:

Instagram restricts the post reach due to its algorithm. Now, it’s harder for other people to view your photos on Instagram. But when you post your photos or videos with the right and relevant hashtags then it makes them more discoverable and a lot of people can see your posts. Instagram let you use up to 30 hashtags in one posts, you can use all hashtags. Use the hashtags that have about 10k-50k posts, this gives your posts more visibility.

Use Geotags and Tag Brands:

Geo tags or location-based tags are just like check-in feature on Facebook. Most of the people search posts in their city, so consider to add geotags with every post to improve its visibility.  Along with location-based tags, don’t forget to tag big account and brands in your posts. By doing this, more people can see your posts and likely to visit your profile and even can purchased followers from this website.

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