Ibn Battuta: The famous traveler from Muslim world

One of the greatest Muslim Scholars and the world’s famous travelers is Ibn Battuta. I don’t think so there is anyone who doesn’t know about him for the reason that he is famous around the world for his traveling as he spent half of his life in travel. Can you imagine anyone traveled for 30 years? Yes! a normal person can’t do it but he did it for the reason that there were definite goals in his mind and he wanted to accomplish that. He traveled to almost all the famous Islamic places and a few more, for instance, North as well as West Africa, Eastern as well as southern Europe, from the west towards the Middle East, central Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia as well as China in East.

After the completion of his traveling, he returned to his birthplace Morocco where he told each and everything about his experience of traveling to Ibn Juzay.

The career and early life of Ibn Battuta:

Tangier, Morocco was the birthplace of this great man. His former name was Shams-Ud-din. The family of Ibn Battuta belonged to Berber origin and the majority of the people from his family had been proffering their services as judges. Keeping the tradition continued, he decided to get an education in laws of Islam. After the completion of the study in Islamic Laws, he decided to travel. The details of Ibn Battuta travels are really very long as he spent half of his life i.e. 30 years traveling. He started traveling when he was just 21. Most of his journey was by means of land and to save himself from potential attacks, he habitually joined caravans in this regard so that he could stay safe. What about his marriage? He was married in his traveling period in the Sfax. The start of his journey was amazing but he himself didn’t know that he will be traveling for more than 30 years of his life. He started his journey exploring Middle East lands. For sake of traveling towards Iraq and Iran, he tends to cross the huge desert of Arabia. In the year 1330, he again started to travel towards first to the red sea of Aden and after that towards Tanzania. After three years, he went towards India where the Sultan of Delhi warmly welcomed him to stay there. He was also offered the job of the judge there in India and spent his 8 years of life there. Then he decided to move to china and after that also traveled to Africa.  

The death of Ibn Battuta:

As soon as he completed Rihla in the year 1355 and returned to his birthplace, as mentioned above, he was selected as a judge but he didn’t perform his services as a judge for a long time and unfortunately, we lost one of our great scholars in 1368. But he is still alive in our hearts and will always be remembered for his great life experiences.  

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