The Wisdom shared by Seth Godin about Modern Marketing

Ever you wonder that empathy can play a great role in your marketing efforts? Or ever you thought about the tension and trust which can help the marketers to retain their clients. Seth Godin will help you to understand which things are good for your marketing efforts and which things are not.

To know about the social media marketing efforts, Social Media Marketing Podcast can be used to help the busy marketers and business men that which of their decision is working well for the organization and which are not. To help get the better understanding, we have interviewed the famous blogger of this era for marketing, Seth Godin. He is also known for his 18 books that are on the subject of marketing. The social media podcast he has made for the marketers is named as Akimbo. The latest book of this famous marketing author is “This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen UntilYou Learn to See.”

The author believes that the lives of the people should get better with the marketing messages and the efforts of the marketers. The marketing messages like empathy, tension, and trust are some of these types of messages which are being used by the marketers for their products and services.

Seth Godin on Modern Marketing

The podcast that is made by the author Akimbo is based on the facts and importance of changing the environment and culture where it is necessary. How breaking the rules and molding the cultural practices may help the people can be the best outcome if you use this podcast for your marketing efforts. The name of this podcast is also on this concept. This word Akimbo is a word which means bend in the river.

He has made this podcast to respond to the best questions out of many and answer them to make the viewers solve their queries and interact with them. As a few months back, he has shut the comments of the followers from instagram on his blogs. The podcast he shares with the audience is about the latest social media marketing needs and the change of the culture.

Problems with the modern marketing

Problems with the modern marketing urged the author to share these marketing podcast. As per the opinion of the author, today’s marketing efforts are not making any difference. It is the time to change the thinking for the marketers and show some empathy towards the customers. They should change the culture and make the strategies that are more realistic and provide win win situation by helping them improve their lives in any way.

But the problem lies with the marketers where they show their selfish behavior and are short term spammer.They believe that they are not breaking any law so they are doing the right things.

As a result, another problem rises. The marketers who try to serve the people differently feel hesitated to do something different and they are also bound to be one of these spammer scammer people. Empathy, trust, and tension among the marketing messages and marketing efforts might help the marketers to get better outcomes.

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