why we should invest in rental apartment in hcmc

Estate Agency has been one of the attractive businesses so far. One of the reasons for this attractiveness is the variety of types of customer. Additionally, the rental flat can be not only a business but also a shelter for us to live. In fact, couples who have just married, students who have to leave their families to study in the major cities and teenagers who love the independent lives demand for rental apartments. Therefore, this kind of business has variable opportunities to develop. In addition to the increase in the demand for rental flat, investment in a bank or investing in selling gold get less and fewer benefits with high risk, which makes many investors change their investment to real estate business, especially apartment for rent. These are some reasons that you should invest in a rental apartment.

1. The increase in the number of immigrants

Ho Chi Minh is one of the biggest cities of Viet Nam which includes many activities developing the economy and scientific technology. Therefore, this city attracts many local and foreign immigrants who come to live and entrepreneur. According to a recent report, the velocity of the increase in the number of immigrants is average 1.5 percent per year in Ha Noi and 2.2 % per annum in Ho Chi Minh City, which is approximately 100000 immigrants in Ha Noi and 150000 immigrants in Ho Chi Minh city each year. Additionally, nearly 85 percent of the immigrants in Viet Nam are in the age between 15 and 29. This situation is the reason why the demand for renting flat has increased recently.

2. The application for living independently of teenagers

Many teens today love the feeling of freedom and living alone with their families but having not enough financial conditions, which lead them to move out and rent a flat to afford their livings. This kind of customer quickly finds an apartment, because they just need a place to stay near their schools, café, entertained places or movie theaters and, especially, have a limit finance, which does not require a high demand for the flat. The owners who have a 4th-grade apartment or cheap flat can focus on this kind of customers.


3. Apartment for rent in binh thanh district is an ideal way to invest in long term

Compared to these other types of investment, the rental apartment can give the investors stable income each month and the real estate will become a permanent asset.  In the recent condition of the economy, the reserves from banks are decreasing, and the benefits from stocks fluctuate dramatically. Therefore, the investment in real estate is considered as a stable and safe way to get income. Also, if you cannot get high revenue from rental flat, the value of the apartment is still stable.